About Stephen

Stephen is an experienced dog handler and obedience instructor.  He was a volunteer instructor at the Croydon and District Obedience Dog Club.  Buddy, his Red Heeler Cross, was a member of the “Croydon Rocket” flyball team.

After purchased and moved to Rosewood Farm in Lara, Victoria, Stephen expanded his interest in sheepdog herding.  Clancy, his black Kelpie (HXAs HIBs), has achieved advanced level in various trials in Victoria.

An effective sheepdog is worth its weight in gold, becoming an asset to your farm, livestock, or home. With comprehensive training and education, as well as continued experience with livestock, we can assist your sheepdog in becoming the best asset for you.

For Beginners To Advanced

Like humans, every dog learns differently, especially incredibly clever sheepdog breeds. At Rosewood Farm, we have left behind the ‘steps’ method and instead, think outside the square to help you train your sheepdog to the highest standards.

We work with each individual dog and adapt our training to their personality, levels, and needs. Our team uses positive methods, helping the dog learn and develop its skills and find its ideal comfort zone around livestock of all kinds.

By working on ‘mind’ focused training rather than ‘body’, we work towards our trained sheepdogs being comfortable in their role moving livestock in a ‘thinking’ manner.

Training in Greater Geelong

Located in Lara, in northern suburb of Geelong, Rosewood Farm is a sprawling working farm with a number of spaces designed for different uses, including multiple spaces ideal for sheepdog training.

Contact Stephen today to discuss how to best help your sheepdog reach its full potential.  Private training lessons can be arranged at times to suit all parties, tailored on specific areas for development.