Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

Most important of all, a current vaccination certificate/card cover the duration of the stay for each cat.  In the interest of a healthy environment, we cannot accept your cats without one!  As well, your cat needs to be up-to-date with flea treatments and worming.  If your cat needs a further treatment during the stay, please bring treatment product along.  Additional charge applies.

Medication needs to be clearly labelled with a clear instruction on administration.  Additional charge applies.

We provide all bedding needs for your cats.  You are welcome to bring a few things from home and we are happy to accommodate this.  Do not bring a truck-load of items.  No more than two (2) items please, as we are not responsible for damage, lost, etc. of those items.

Finally, … your cat(s)!!

What foods do you offer and how often do you serve meals?

We generally serve meals twice a day (early morning and late afternoon), however, they can be tailored for each cat. This may include offering both dry and wet foods for each meal, additional meal around midday, etc.  Please discuss your requirements at time of booking.

We stock a selection of quality dry and wet foods, including Whiskas, Supercoat, Dine, Fancy Feast, Blackhawk and Optimum.  Grain-free, kitten, oral care and furball foods also available.  We endeavour to give your cats the same foods as it is eating at home.  This is to ensure a smooth transition to our care.

You are welcome to bring your own foods.  We are happy to accommodate this, however, we do not offer discount for this.

Finally, we do not offer veterinary and prescription diets.  They must be provided by the owner.

Do you have play areas?

Cats are territorial.  Moving them often will cause anxiety.  Your pet suite will become his/her new territory during the stay with us.  Your pet is then able to settle into the routine, this reduces stress.  This also ensures a happy and healthy environment within our facility.

Can we visit the facility?

You are most welcome for a private tour of our facility during our office hours.  Please speak to our friendly staff to make arrangement on this free tour!

Do you look after kittens?

We will look after kittens that are over 3 months old, and have at least two vaccinations with the second vaccination done at least two weeks prior to check-in.  We strictly follow the Code of Practice For The Operation of Boarding Establishments (in Victoria) which is made under the provisions of Section 59 of Division 4 of the Domestic (Feral and Nuisance) Animals Act 1994 (“the Act”).

Do you offer home pickup or drop off?

We most certainly do!  Please discuss this option with our friendly staff at time of booking.  Conditions and additional charges apply.

Can I arrange for someone else to collect my cat?

You certainly can!  This can be a nominated person (18 years or older) or a pet courier firm..

To ensure security and smooth hand over, you must do the following:

  1. Download and forward the completed Collection Authority (in PDF format) to us in person, post or scan and email.  We must receive this Authority at least 48 hours before collection date.
  2. Once we have received this authority, we will finalise your account.  If required, a Tax Invoice will be issued to you for all outstanding charges.  The account must be fully paid before collection.
  3. On the pickup day, ensure the collector presents a matching photo ID, courier document or similar (as stated on the Authority).  Once verified, cat(s) will be placed in your carrier box(es) with personal item(s).
  4. The collector will sign the Collection Authority (as supplied by you earlier) to complete this hand over.

Customer please note that Rosewood Farm Group (and its associates) will not be responsible for cat(s) and personal item(s) after hand over.