Facilities & Services

Our accommodation

We offer a secure and hygienic holiday home for your cats.  We take pride in the cleanliness of our facility which reflects in the relaxed and happy attitude of our guests.  Our rooms have air-conditioning and heating to give them the best comfort possible.

Our open door policy means you are welcome to go into our accommodation facility.  You and your family can visit your cats during the stay.  This gives you peace of mind knowing that your cats are happy in our care.


These small indoor rooms are ideal for less active cats who just want a quiet space for relaxation and rest.

Max. room capacity: 1 cat.

Standard / Standard Plus

Standard rooms offer sun deck with window that can be fully opened on sunny days.  It is cosy and ideal for indoor cats.

In addition to the above, our Standard Plus rooms have weather protected private outdoor area that your cats would enjoy fresh air, garden smells and close up views of bird life.  Most popular accommodation in our facility.

Max. room capacity: 2 cats.


These rooms offer comfortable indoor and large weather protected outdoor area with a sun deck.  They are popular to house multiple family members together.

Max. room capacity: 3 cats.

Peronsalised meals

We stock popular brands of dry and wet foods for all ages, including oral care, fur-ball, and grain-free.

We endeavour to give your cats the same foods as it is eaten at home.  This is to ensure a smooth transition to our care.

You are welcome to bring your own foods and treats, however, we do not offer discount for this.

Veterinary and prescription diets must be provided by the owner.


We provide clean, warm, and comfortable bedding for your cats which is changed regularly.

You are welcome to bring your own bedding and toys, if desired.

Other services

  • Home pickup or drop off
  • Vet visits
  • Worming and flea control
  • Medication application
  • Liaise with pet transport operators

(Hamish, our boarding facility cat, who was abandoned by his original owner more than 10 years ago.  Although he only has 3 legs, he is still very active.  He can certainly run fast and jump high.  Nowadays, he spends his days resting on the reception office chair.)

Rosewood Farm Group Pty. Ltd. (ACN 621 676 711), ATF the Bullas Chan Trust (ABN 95 696 171 924), is a registered company in Australia.


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