This is a dream of two guys …

A desire for more space began in 2016 after many camping and road trips in the great outdoor. We were living in a large house with small yard in outer eastern suburb of Melbourne. So search for our new home began. We visited Coldstream, Clyde, Sunbury and Little River, just to name a few places. With easy commute into Melbourne and local convenience in mind, we eventually narrowed our focus to areas around Bacchus Marsh and Geelong.

After a few online searches, we stumbled onto this 5-acre rural property in early 2017.  It ticked all the boxes and we genuinely felt excited for the possibilities and our future.  Then the rest is history.

Located at the foothill of Lovely Banks and roaming pastures, Rosewood Farm is a small hobby farm with diverse interests.  The double storey home completed in early 1983 and over time, boarding cattery and other businesses established.

This is our opportunity of owning a land.  A dream of leaving a bustling city life to a more relaxing country living.



The farm is home to many chickens, sheep, goats and a few cows.  They are free to roam to keep grass short.  Some of our livestock are in the neighbouring property (behind the storage yard).


Our small orchard is between our driveways, and next to the carpark.  It includes a variety of fruits, from apples to lemons, cherries to peaches.


Our dogs are integral part of this place.  From rounding up livestock to guarding our chickens.  Many tasks would not be possible without their help.