Frequently Asked Questions

What can I store?

We can only store boats, cars, camping trailers, caravans, motorhomes (RVs), tandem trailers and large vehicles (under 5 tonnes).

Surrounding roads (Tower Hill Drive and Heales Road beyond Tillys Road) have 5 tonne restriction.

What information are required when you apply for a storage?

We need following information on the day of moving in:

> A current Driver Licence issued by an official body in Australia; and
> A proof of ownership of the vehicle (e.g. Registration document).

Electronic version of these documents will be stored in our system for security purpose.

When do I receive the Tax Invoice for next rental period?

Our system generates and emails next Tax Invoice fourteen (14) days prior to the end of current rental period.

If you like to continue with the rental, please pay the Tax Invoice by the due date to avoid Late Payment Fee.

If you want to end the rental, simply inform us and remove your vehicle (and other personal items) by the end of current period.

How can I access my vehicle?

We will install a fully access controlled gate system in the near future.  In the meantime, please contact us in advance (24 hours notice preferred) before pickup or drop-off of your vehicle.  This will ensure someone is on site to unlock the storage yard gate for you.

When can I access my vehicle?

Your vehicle is accessible during daylight hours.  For your safety, access is not available in the dark.

Furthermore, access is only available when there is no outstanding payment for your account.

Where do I park my vehicle?

All vehicles must parked in pre-allocated space.  This means no one else can use your space when you temporarily removed the vehicle from the storage yard.  Transfer to another space maybe possible with prior arrangement.

How secure is your storage yard?

We take security of your vehicle seriously.  Our storage yard is behind our home, so is hidden from the street.  Security upgrade is underway.

Due to the nature of the storage yard, we strongly recommend secure your vehicle using locks or similar devices.

I no longer require the storage?

Please inform us as soon as possible when you’re leaving, so we can stop automatic billing for the next rental period.  This will also allow us to allocate space to another customer.

The vehicle and personal items must be removed from the storage yard before leaving.

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