Free-Range for Sustainability

Poultry Farming naturally!

Our farm

Rosewood Farm is a small, family-owned producer of quality, pasture raised free-range chickens and ducks.  We aim to be socially responsible, and use economical and sustainable farming methods.

Our chickens & ducks

We do not trim beaks to our ISA or Hyland Brown chickens, or clip wings to our Muscovy ducks.  They are free to roam or fly, scratching and foraging for insects and seeds, flapping wings and bathing in dust or water.  Large shed is accessible at all times, offers warmth and weather protection.  A natural high quality diet improves the health and happiness of our chickens and ducks.  As a result, a better quality eggs.

Our Maremma

Duckie protects our chickens and ducks from foxes, eagles and other predators.  She is a Maremma guardian dog, indigenous to Central Italy, used by Italian shepherds to protect livestock for centuries.

Rosewood Farm chickens and ducks live without fear or stress.

Our eggs

Our free-range chicken and duck eggs are available direct to the public.  They are sold by the dozen.

For freshness, eggs are collected multiple times a day, everyday.

We are passionate about environment, so all our eggs are packed in paper cartons.  No plastic packaging used.

To order our free-range eggs, please call 5275 2939 or via our Online Store