Free-range chicken and duck eggs are now available.

As we are not a large scale commercial egg producer, we can only take orders on first come first served basis.  We collect eggs daily and they are available from the cattery/storage reception office.  Customers can call and reserve your order to avoid disappointment.

Chicken eggs (700g extra large)
Unit Price (Per Dozen): $5.00 / $4.00 (5+ dozen) / $3.00 (10+ dozen)

Duck eggs
Unit Price (Per Dozen): $10.00 / $9.00 (5+ dozen) / $8.00 (10+ dozen)

Our chickens and ducks are free to roam in the day paddock.  They are visible from the street before you turn into our driveway.  We do not house them in cages, and our Maremma sheepdog looks after them at night time.